2023 Beach2Beach Charity Fun Run and Newport Finish Festival

The Beach2Beach Fun Run is on Sunday 27th August and Newport Community Festival following the run, is the largest community and charity event organised by volunteers on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.


The Newport Beach Finish Festival, set to take place after the Beach2Beach Charity Fun Run. The Rotary Club of the Upper Northern Beaches takes pride in managing this event after the Beach2Beach run.        It’s an inclusive community endeavour open to all including runners and non-runners alike.

Mark your calendars for the Beach2Beach Fun Run on Sunday, August 27th, closely followed by the Newport Beach Finish Festival which is the largest volunteer organised community and charity event on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Immerse yourself in a day teeming with community spirit and excitement, attracting both participants and spectators. The alluring Beach2Beach Charity Fun Run perfectly sets the stage for the Newport Beach Finish Festival, hosted in the lively Bert Payne Park area.

Beyond the race’s thrill, the festival guarantees an immersive encounter, with music filling the air and tantalising local cuisine pleasing your palate. Venture into the delightful Newport Village shopping centre, adorned with enticing offers from local businesses, fostering camaraderie and bolstering the core of our community. This extraordinary event stands as a testament to unity, family, and the relentless Northern Beaches spirit. It will be a day that guarantees cherished memories and a chance to contribute to a thriving community tapestry.

Our gratitude extends to the support of Newport’s local businesses and others who rally behind this grand occasion. The Rotary clubs of the Northern Beaches volunteers enthusiastically endorse their role in supporting this fundraising activity for local Northern Beaches charities. Your assistance is crucial in making this event bigger and better than ever before.

A day of incredible family fun awaits not just the runners but the entire community. Join us, bring your loved ones, show support for the runners, stay for the Newport Beach Finish Festival, and together, let’s ensure its resounding success!

We can’t wait to see you there!”

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