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Unique Oil Blends Created To Heal Your Mind, Body And Spirit

Hi my name is Glenda an Aromapherapist who is passionate about how Essential Oils can help heal the mind, body and spirit, and I pride myself on giving all my clients a totally personal approach.  Your sense of smell can unlock many positive memories and great healing potential, which is why I only use 100% pure therapeutic oils that have so many natural health and well-being benefits.

I sell specially designed products as well as create customised oil blends specifically to target all your health needs and concerns, and also provide personal one-on-one and virtual Consultations online. During a session I address all your health and wellness issues and medical history, and you receive a mini manicure using a home scrub with an effective treatment plan.  This details practical advice on the best oils and application tips to ensure you get the most from all the oil’s natural healing elements.

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