Monica Kade Copywriter

Communicate with purpose, clarity + power

I’m Copywriter, Monica Kade. I FREE YOUR MIND for the things you love.

I work with people leading full lives who also want to make a conscious contribution to the world through their brand. I’ll help you talk to your audience with purpose, clarity and power!

I mainly write for Health and Lifestyle brands in NYC, UK, Dubai and Australia-wide.

Truth is, running a business, wrangling kids, pets, partners and fitting in social life can get crazy at times. To-do lists pile up and even with your best intentions time slips away. And then, when you find a moment to work on your copy—POOF! Zero creativity. Or on the flipside, you’re tongue-tied, and the words live jumbled in your head.

It’s okay. I’m here to wrangle the thoughts running laps in your mind and articulate them into your brand messaging.

For me copywriting is a deep dive into infinity—it’s a breath of fresh air.
If that’s not how you feel about words, aren’t ya glad we’ve met?!

I have 12 years combined experience in copywriting, marketing and publishing. I’m also a former business magazine Editor. 

I’ve worked with incredible people and brands in many industries including Commonwealth Bank, Transport NSW, The Hills Council, Infamous Swim, Powerful Steps, TradieWives, Hassalls, Peter Nicholas, KOALA, Lauren Lappin, Nurture Her, Wired for Wonder, AGL & Tan OFF.

If you’re about to launch something AMAZING into the world,
let me raise your words, while you nurture what you love most!

Get in touch, let’s talk words.
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