Imagine telling the story of your business in such a way that everyone who read it was moved to come and interact with you, not just because of the product or service you offer, but because in 2020  society cares deeply about the people, family, ethics and beliefs behind the businesses where they choose to spend their hard earned dollars.

This is the essence of content marketing and the reason Newport based Writer, Social Media Manager and Corporate Storyteller Charlie is offering this unique opportunity in support of her local and much-loved small business community.

To arrange your interview and have it written up for the Member Bios section of this website as well as your own website, blog and social media channels simply:

  • Purchase here for the reduced member fee of $150 (See below)
  • Receive an email from Charlie with proposed date and time and some interview prompt questions to ensure she gets amazing coverage of the message you want to share with the Newport community and beyond
  • Provide edits and approval on the first draft as well as a couple of photographs to accompany the article online and across social media platforms
  • Be quick as she is very much looking forward to writing for you and is currently scheduling in two businesses per week.

Purchase Here ($150)